Leadership effectiveness and skills

Blog 5
Leadership can be defined as the capacity to inspire and influence people, by different ways of personal attributes, behavior to achieve a common target.
The world has witnessed many great leaders throughout the history and even today. There have been extraordinary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln etc. These people were not just mere leaders; they were leaders with a vision, a vision to achieve their set targets and goals. They did not just set example of good leaders but have also given inspiration and motivation to millions of people. People still look up to such dynamic ideals for their source of motivation.

But in my case, I consider my father as my ideal and my leader. The reason I look up to my father today as an effective leader and a source of inspiration for me is because of the time I spent with him, working under his guidance and excellent knowledge of business. I learnt that my father was a great leader who values each and every one of his employees and believes in ethics. Through his dedication, sincerity and hard work he is a successful businessman today. He has been my ideal source of motivation throughout my life. There are such diligent and excellent qualities within him, which makes him such a good and efficient leader. He started off with nothing; he had no support from his family and was on his own. But he had a vision, a vision to succeed and be a leader which he has achieved today by his dedication and sincerity. My father always told to me about the importance of being honest and ethical in business, he always believes in the right practice and always thinks about his employees. He cleared my concept of effective leadership as I witnessed his working style, he knew how to manage the team and at the same time motivate and inspire them to produce better results. He did not believe in just giving orders but believed in working as a team with his employees and subordinates. These qualities made me believe that my father is an effective leader.

During my time in London, where I am pursuing MBA in International Marketing from Coventry University I have learned to be a good manager, we had different activities in our class seminar in which I proved myself to be a good manager and even an efficient leader, I say this because of my experiences in our class activities. We had different activities, in which we were supposed to work as a team, and during these activities we had some issues within our group, there were some misunderstanding and communication gap between our group members, and thus I took in charge and called for a group meeting where I addressed all our team members and I pointed out the problem, I told all the group members that because of the communication gap our performance was being damaged and we need to act on it, and that worked as an ice breaker and we ended up getting a solution that was I suggested that we will co-ordinate more, and divide the work properly so that we get our work done on time and get better result. This makes me believe that I have good and efficient leadership qualities which enabled me to manage and lead my team during our class activities.
From the feedback I received from my friends during these class activities made me aware of my strengths which were, I have good leadership qualities which was evident to my peers during our activities where I took care of every situation and solved the issues of our group which eventually led to the success of our activities. They even mentioned that I am a democratic type of leader, who strongly participates in the group and at the same time gives equal opportunity to the other members to express their views and ideas. My peers also mentioned out to me that I have to improve my research skills in order to be more accurate and efficient for my work which I think I need to develop which will help me during my time at Culc, and it will even help me in becoming a good and efficient leader in my chosen industry which is marketing as it involves a lot of practical and theoretical research.

I believe that all these activities and experience will help me to evolve as a good and efficient leader in my future. The qualitative experience I got during the time I was working with my father, I believe it will help me a lot as I witnessed the qualities of an efficient leader in my father, his working style and his sincerity towards his work has given me a good knowledge about being an efficient leader. I will follow his guidelines and apply in my future. And even during my time at Coventry University London Campus I achieved great knowledge that will definitely help me grow as a leader. Our class activities, meetings and presentations have helped me a lot as well as developing me as a good manager and also in leading my team efficiently. These experiences have nurtured me as a person and will help me in my future when I enter my chosen industry. I believe that by having these experiences it will enhance my knowledge, because it enabled me to get a deeper view of things like what an efficient leader is and how to become one in the coming future.


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